Our History

In early 1971, our father Joseph (Joe), a career Los Angeles City Fire Fighter retired after 25 years of service. However, instead of going fishing and being under foot with his wife Elsie, he chose to take his skills as a Fire Fighter and create a company dedicated to providing training in the areas of life safety and disaster readiness, primarily in the nursing and healthcare industries.
With that, Fire Safety Service, Inc. was born and has been a tremendous success and blessing.

Fire Safety Service, Inc. was launched in May of 1972 by our parents, and Dad’s dear friend and fellow Los Angeles Fire Fighter, Captain Les Reynolds. As Fire Fighters, they had conducted numerous fire safety inspections during their tenure with LAFD at Los Angeles area care facilities. Dad and Les knew the personnel operating these facilities could use clear and concise guidance to fully and meaningfully comply with applicable Federal and State Fire Safety Regulations. Due to the passing of Proposition 13 (tax reduction initiative), such guidance was not going to be readily available. So they decided to offer it themselves.

Sadly, Les died of a heart attack within one year of the company’s launch, and it wasn’t very long before servicing all the interested facilities in California demanded more time than our dad alone could provide. While mom ran the office, dad began recruiting, hiring and training consultants to help provide and offer the company’s services throughout California. As a result of their hard work and dedication the company grew and continues to expand. Fire Safety Service, Inc. provides training services to just under 800 facilities and over the near 50 years in business, has worked with more than 100 consultants. Of those 100+, many worked with Fire Safety Service, Inc. for upwards of 20 years.

To this day, we are still family owned and operated. We are dedicated to continuing the legacy our parents left us and look forward to providing the needed services to our clients required by state and local codes.