Our Consultants

Southern California

John Danskin

John has worked for Fire Safety Service, Inc., Since July of 2000.
He Retired as Captain II Los Angeles City Fire Department with 26 years of experience.
He is a Retired Colonel United States Marine Corps with 30 years of service active and reserve and a Vietnam veteran, combat pilot.
John also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology. 

Addison Birdine

Addison started working with Fire Safety Service, Inc., in January of 2018.
Addison has 31 years of experience in the area of Fire Suppression and Rescue Operations. When he retired from the Fire Department, he retired as Captain II.
His specialized training includes but is not limited to:
Task Force Commander
Station Commander
Battalion Chief
Hazardous Materials
Arson Investigation
National Incident Management
State Certified Inspector

In his personal life, he loves to travel and kick his feet up and relax. Besides traveling extensively Addison is an avid fan of Jazz (concerts & festivals) as well as dabbling in real estate. Additionally, as a team member of FSS Inc., He enjoys meeting new people while assisting them in fulfilling their required Fire & Disaster Training. 

Andrew Carlson

Andrew has been working with Fire Safety Service, Inc. since September of 2001 and is our LAFD Certified Healthcare Facility Instructor. This is a perfect line of work for Andrew, as he has always enjoyed working with people and teaching.
On the weekends and in his spare time, Andrew is a flight instructor, and volunteers his time and airplane with Angel Flight West, transporting people in need of specialized treatments that live too far away to make the drive.
In his private time he enjoys camping with his wife, hunting, and of course - flying. 

Marty Avila

Marty has been with Fire Safety Service, Inc. since January of 2018.
Marty has a very interesting background in the Fire Department, with 35 years on the FD, Marty has seen and experience a lot in his lifetime as a Career Firefighter/EMT.
As a Firefighter II his duties included not only being a first responder but rescue, prevention and public education.
Towards the end of his career with the Fire Department he was an Inspector with the Bureau of Fire Prevention & Public Safety. Some of his duties with that were Fire Safety Inspections of buildings and property, which included movie/production lots.
Marty is highly qualified to conduct all of the drills you need for your facility.
In his spare time, family and football are his passions. 

Erwin Lara

Erwin started with Fire Safety Service, Inc., in April of 2014.
Before Erwin joined us, he was in the US Air Force for 21 years with a career in Fire Protection.
His qualifications are many. During his time with the AF he was:
Airport Fire Fighter
Public Telecommunicator I/II
Fire Instructor IV
Fire Officer II
Fire Inspector II
HazMat Technician
Hazmat Incident Commander
Station Commander & Crew Chief
Driver/Operator: Aerial
American Red Cross CPR & First Aid Instructor

When he retired, he retired as the Assistant Chief of Training from Vandenberg AFB, CA.

In Erwin’s personal time, he not only spends time with his wife traveling, but keeps in shape with jogging/walking with his two dogs. Hobbies include photography, videography, recreational drone piloting and an EV(electric vehicle) enthusiast.   

Luis Solano

Luis started with Fire Safety Service, Inc., in March of 2018.
Luis is one of our 3 consultants that is not retired or active duty from/with the Fire Dept. He still has a long way to go before he retires and we hope it will be many years with FSS. Luis was “handpicked” by Capt. Michael White to come work with our family. (See Capt. White’s Bio) Captain White has seen Luis’s potential and love for the job and has taken him under his wing and so has FSS.
Luis graduated with honors in 2012 from North Hollywood High school.
He then went to school and received his for Fire Technology Associates in Science Degree.
Luis has been a Squad Boss with the Angeles National Forest Wildland Firefighters since August of 2014.
When Luis is not running his butt off doing what he loves for FSS, he is playing sports and updating his brain on computer technology. 

Tony Morga

Tony started with Fire Safety Service, Inc., in January of 2005.
In Tony's previous life, he was a career Fire Fighter with 22+ years of dedication to Fire Prevention. To this day, he still has the same passion and dedication to the job.
Tony retired at the rank of Firefighter III and Inspector I.
During his career he was part of the
Fire Prevention Bureau for 12 years (Fire Inspector I)
Institutional Occupancies Bureau; in this he made sure facilities were in compliance with the various codes and requirements. (Title 22, Uniformed Building Code, and Fire Codes)
Fire and Safety Educational unit to instruct employers and employees on the importance for fire safety in the work place.
He was also an instructor for all the new Fire Inspectors in his unit.
Fire Fighter III for 10 years
Fire Prevention Coordinator
Jr. Fire Program Coordinator visiting schools to teach Fire Prevention.

In Tony’s personal life? Family is the most important to him no matter where they are or doing.

Sergio Pereira

Sergio started working with Fire Safety Service, Inc. in 2017
Before coming to Fire Safety Service, Sergio was with the San Diego Fire Dept for 30 years. Of those 30 years, 22 were in Fire Prevention. He retired as a Deputy Fire Marshal.
Since 2009 he has been a Fire Science Instructor.
Not only has he been successful in the Fire Department, but life as well. Not only has he been married for most of his adult life to the same wonderful woman, he has two grown daughters, a set of teenage twin boys and 6 grandchildren. Oh and a Harley. Can’t forget the Harley!  

Russell Tercero

Russ started with Fire Safety Service, Inc., in March of 2017
Before Russ joined our family, he had a duel career field. Not only was he Military (Army, Army Reserve, National Guard and USAF Reserve) for 35 years, he was with the Postal Service for 36 years.
When Russ retired from Military service, he retired as a Chief Master Sargent AF / Fire Chief.
While serving his country he primarily worked and trained in the Fire Protection Field.
Some of the titles he held were
Fire Officer II, III & IV
Fire Inspector I, II & III
Hazmat Incident Commander

What does Russ do in his free time? He loves on his grandkids, and enjoys car shows. 

Michael White

Michael started with Fire Safety Service, Inc., in February of 2016.
Before Michael started with FSS he was a career Fire fighter of 39 years. When Michael White retired, he retired as Captain. To this day, many people that knew him in the Fire Department still call him Captain White.
Captain White is not only serious, but passionate in the field of Fire and Disaster Training and Safety and it shows in his work.
The last 10 years of his Fire Career he was in the Inspections Department. He supervised other officers in the art of Inspection, enforcement and maintenance for life and safety hazards and final approval inspections on hospitals, sanitariums, nursing homes, residential care facilities, jails, prison, schools, daycare centers and churches.
Captain White also was involved with implementing policies and procedures regarding
Non-Ambulatory Day Care Facilities, Schools & Universities.
Los Angeles Unified School District Crisis planning, lockdown and shelter in place.

A few of his Special Assignments consisted of
Certifying the opening of Los Angeles County Hospital
Emergency Operation Center Region 1 Home Land Security
Set up and managed 3 Town Hall Meetings for President Obama
Set up and managed 2 Democratic Conventions

In his spare time, he loves to work on his house and spend time with his family. 

Northern California

Jeff Morelli

Jeff came to Fire Safety Service, Inc., in August of 2017.
Jeff’s experience and training far surpasses anything we can list here. Since 1990 Jeff has been involved in Fire and Disaster prevention and training. As a former member of the Oakland Fire Department, Jeff served as the CORE/CERT Emergency Preparedness Program Coordinator and lead instructor from 2011-2016. He is also is a State Certified Emergency Management Specialist by the California Office of Emergency Services CSTI Institute. His training has included disaster response, fire suppression, wildfire prevention, active shooter, first aid/CPR, hazardous materials, earthquake preparedness, high rise evacuation , disaster psychology,etc.
He was operations lead for the 2011-2013 Annual Citywide Disaster Exercise and the CERT/CORE liaison for the Oakland Fire Dept. and the Oakland Unified School District..
There is so much more we can’t list here. Just know that when Jeff comes into your facility. He is very good at what he does.
What does Jeff do on his down time? Family is his number one priority, from his wife and kids at home, to his mom back in New York. This is one active man. 

Ron Chaney

Ron started with Fire Safety Service, Inc., in April of 2017.
Ron was active in the Fire Department for 30 years, of which 25 years was with the Fremont Fire Department.
Ron has recently retired as an active duty firefighter. He was Captain for the Special Operations Task Force specializing in Incident Command Systems, a Fire Captain and an Acting Battalion Chief. He was also a Paramedic and a Fire Academy Instructor.
Ron has also worked as a Set Medic/Safety Coordinator on movie sets where he was the primary source of medical care and evacuation coordination to celebrities and principles.

On the personal side of life, Ron is one lucky man that gets to hang out with the Ocean at his feet. 

Patrick Murphy

Pat started with Fire Safety Service, Inc., in April of 2000.
Before Pat started his illustrious career as a Fire and Disaster Drill Trainer, he was with the City and County of San Francisco for 33 years, not only working the city beat, but climbing many stairs and in turn was able to see San Francisco from views most people don’t.
For his first 9 years in public service, Pat was a Police Officer. He decided that he wanted to fight the fires instead of the streets. That career ended up being 24 years where he retired as Inspector of the High Rise section.
Pat is an amazing teacher in this field. The knowledge he has is priceless.
“From day one my trainer and prior Fire Safety Consultant, Tony Simi, a decorated SFFD fireman told me ‘Your job is to make sure that the residents and staff of these facilities stay safe.’ That is my goal!”
On the personal side of life, he has been married 34 years to his angel Lori, whom loves him dearly. They have three daughters and two adorable granddaughters that they can’t get enough of. 

Gabe Santos

Gabe started working with Fire Safety Service, Inc., in August of 2016.
Gabe was hired due to his immense knowledge and experience in the Fire and Disaster Training field. He is very passionate in wanting to make sure people know what to do in an emergency.
He has over 20 years of experience in emergency services management. He has been a Community College instructor for 18 years, and continues to participate and develop various emergency incident response training programs which include but are not limited to Incident Command Systems & Hazardous materials.
On the personal side of life, he has a beautiful family, loves the outdoors and speaks 3 languages.

David Eastin

David is new to Fire Safety Service, Inc., however he is not new to the Fire Department. David has 20 years of Fire Fighting and Emergency Medicine/EMT/Paramedic Service under his belt.

David’s Education consists of being a CSFM Instructor 1, which translates into taking a course and becoming certified to teach firefighters the knowledge and ability to deliver instruction effectively; he is also a certified First Responder Instructor. Since 2005 to present day, he has also been involved with being an EMT/Paramedic Instructor and Paramedic Field Coordinator.
Currently he is a LT. Paramedic with the Fremont Fire Dept.
As you can see, he is perfect for Fire Safety Service, Inc. We are thrilled to have David on board with us.


Chuck Collins

Chuck started with Fire Safety Service, Inc,. in January of 2018.
He first started in Fire Service as a volunteer at 18 years old with Port Richey Fire Department (Florida)
Chuck officially started as Career FF/Paramedic in 1990 Pasco County Fire Rescue (Florida) and retired as Battalion Chief and Training Coordinator from Estero Fire Rescue in Southwest Florida.
During service in Estero, he had a passion for mentoring new hires and took them under his wing.
He became an Instructor teaching multiple disciplines and subjects in classroom and practical applications.
Instructor at Fire Academy / Live Fire Instructor
Instructor EMT and Paramedic School
Medical Command Staff and Safety Officer for SWFL Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 6
Tech and Ops level certified in most Special Operations areas.

Chuck left the Fire Service in Florida on early retirement to enjoy life in the Pacific Northwest! He and his wife love the outdoors and hiking and have never looked back. 

Knoxville, Tennessee

Cheryl Root

Cheryl started with Fire Safety Service, Inc. in 2015 in the Sacramento, Ca region. After a few years, she moved back to Tennessee to be closer to family. We have always talked about Cheryl starting again in the Knoxville area. Cheryl is on board again eager to start conducting Fire, Disaster, Evacuation and Training Drills again. Cheryl spent nearly 30 years in a first responder role. She has been an EMT on an ambulance, to a Paramedic on a fire engine. She has been a dispatcher for 911 and also been an Engineer with the fire department. She has spent time teaching the community first aid/CPR and also taught first responders CPR. She enjoys educating people on life safety subjects and loves to see them increase in their confidence levels. She is excited to provide those servicing our community's dependent population with the knowledge and skills necessary to protect them. Fire Safety Service, Inc., is very excited to start educating staff members in the Knoxville area!